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Design Services

We can produce the necessary plans for all your technological requirements. Our company works with your Architect so all aspects of the project are well managed.

From Lighting, Theatre, Automation, iTunes distribution, Networks, Security and Cameras our floor plans ensure all equipment is accommodated within your overall building plans so everything works as you expect.

Energy Management and Sustainability

Energy Management is an added bonus of System Integration. Lighting Control could lead to reduced running costs by turning lights off in unused rooms, or simply running lights at a dimmed level. Energy Management can go even further.

By taking control of window treatments, awnings and shutters, heat produced by sunlight can be kept out of the house during the summer, or allowed in during winter, thereby reducing heating and cooling costs. Air conditioners can be turned down while the house is unoccupied and turned back up when someone arrives home, or even in advance.

One Control System – iPad Solutions

System Integration brings together the operation of all the various sub systems in a house by way of a common control system. Modern homes feature a variety of independent systems:

  • iTunes Distribution
  • Audio, Visual Components and Home Theatre
  • Heating and Air Conditioning Management
  • Lighting Control
  • Security and Access Control
  • Intercom and Telecommunications
  • Pool and Spa Equipment
  • Irrigation
  • Automated Window Treatments

We are an Apple App Developer. Our systems work from one platform so you can easily control your technology on one screen.

Managing and using separate systems once required various remotes, thermostats, switches and control pads usually scattered throughout the house or as a cluster of controls on the walls that is confusing at best.

As homeowners become better informed and more discerning about today’s technological possibilities, they prefer a single point of control; a one-touch control solution for every system incorporates a common, convenient interface designed to blend unobtrusively into any decor.

System Integration not only takes control of all the technologies around the home, it also lets them talk to each other. For example, turning on the alarm as you leave the house can automatically turn off preselected lights for you.

Automated Networks and Design can also provide a remote monitoring and update service to its Integrated Control solution. This means that if something needs to be updated, or you would like changes made to the system, our programmers are only a phone call away and may not even need to visit the job site.

Lighting Solutions

A lighting control system allows for scene settings. Because they are cabled differently to conventional lighting, the system is best installed during construction. What are some of the advantages of lighting control?

  • The ability to control any light from any predetermined switch
  • The ability to have scenes, moods, levels or combinations instantly recalled
  • The ability to have every light in the house turn off at the press of a single button
  • Reduce your power consumption
  • A single switch that turns all active lights off when leaving the property

Audio Visual Systems

Automated Networks and Design services go beyond supplying the standard ‘boxed’ and predesigned (‘one size fits all’) Home Theatre Systems. We specialize in mid to high-end custom designed Home Theatre Solutions that are tailored to the individual needs of each client. System design incorporates:

  • Assessing the environmental factors that effect acoustic quality
  • Ensuring that all components work together to provide a balanced, refined sound and picture quality
  • Complimenting the current lifestyle, d├ęcor and future needs of every client
  • Working within the proposed budget and estimated time schedule

The experienced team at Automated Networks and Design takes pride in the design, installation and supply of superior custom home theatre systems that not only meet, but exceed your individual requirements and expectations.

iTunes Distribution

A Distributed Audio / Visual system has speakers and or screens located in various areas of the house where sound or pictures are desired, instead of having an entire sound system in each room or multiple Pay TV boxes scattered around the house. All the equipment can be hidden in an out-of-the-way location, yet be accessible wherever needed.

Multi-Zoned Distributed A/V systems allow you to have different music or video sources playing in different areas at the same time.

Media Servers are now a standard feature of Distributed A/V systems. Media Servers can store music, movies or both. Once stored, the material is easily accessible throughout the system without ever having to handle the discs again.

Access Control

Normally this is part of the security system. In other instances it is part of the intercom system or the phone system.

Access Control gives the ability to unlock the front gate by pressing a button on the intercom system, phone system, security system or control screens. It can also include smart cards, remotes, fobs and biometrics (finger print reads, iris scanners and face recognition) that allow a door to be unlocked by simply swiping a card, pressing a button on a remote or placing the fob near the reader.

Access Control can also be made active while away from home to allow entry for cleaners, maintenance people or family. Some systems are able to generate reports of the movements of authorized people, family members, etc. You can also lock any door or window that is connected to the Access Control system.


MATV = Main Amplified Television or Masthead Amplified Television.

It is the main RF (Radio Frequency) network in the house and delivers from an antenna on the roof (in some cases a cable under the ground from a Master antenna) Free to Air Analogue and Digital television signals to your TV sets.

CATV = Community Access Television (also know as Cable Television).

It is the RF network inside the house that delivers encoded Pay TV signals to each Pay TV decoder.

Backbone systems are used in apartment blocks as well as some estates. One central antenna system is sent to each floor or group of homes with local amplifiers on each floor or in the street to ensure that each TV outlet is as close to the original signal quality that is received on the antenna as possible.

It is similar to domestic MATV systems except on a commercial scale.

Security Cameras and Recorders

CCTV systems can be a single camera with a monitor, or a network of many cameras all feeding back to a central monitoring room or location. Signals reaching the central monitoring room or location can be viewed and recorded, and by using capable products, some cameras can be panned and tilted or zoomed in and out, ensuring nothing is missed.

The video feeds from the CCTV system can also be sent around the home or over the Internet, allowing you to keep a constant eye on your house whether at home, at work or on holiday (provided you have Internet access).

Data Network Services (LAN / WAN)

We design, configure and commission.

The practice of connecting computers by way of Data Networks or LAN’s (Local Area Network) is increasing.

A LAN can comprise of wired outlets (connecting computers), wireless coverage or specific “hot spots” throughout the house to connect computers wirelessly.

LAN’s give the ability to have all computers in the house share one broadband Internet connection while giving each computer faster access to websites than if each were on its own dial-up connection. These computers can also share files and use a common printer.